Creating games with purpose.

We believe there is more to gaming than just killing time. We base our projects on current findings of psychological research. Every game has a specific aim: It may help you train certain cognitive abilities, learn new things, or just provide a comforting platform to get away from everyday stress.



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Focus on Well-Being.

We don't study how our games can make you addicted. We study how our games can make you better.

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Gaming is Art.

We want to create something beautiful to enable you to create something beautiful.

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Make it Fun.

"If it's not fun, why bother?"
- Reggie Fils-Aimé



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Lia is your personal companion to help you make new and exciting social interactions. She gives you social challenges for gatherings with friends and strangers, proposes a variety of party games, and even provides fitting conversation topics for different situations. She is also a good friend.

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Atmospheres is a small and simple Android game that lets you solve relaxing visual puzzles in beautiful environments. This game was built to reward detail-oriented observational skills and help you resolve psychological tension.

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Who we are.

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Hi, I'm Maxi. I'm a human-computer interactions researcher at the University of York with a background in psychology - and a game developer. I like telling stories. I like staring at code. And I like things that matter.

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Hey there! I’m Madeleine and I'm a researcher focusing on cognition and software development at the University of York. I have a passion for graphic design and games, especially when they look and feel simply right.